Friday, 14 May 2010

Alexander Gemmel / Gamble

This here is the grave o poor Presbyterian freedom fichter, Alexander Gemmel (Eng. Gamble). He wis yin o the wheen wha ris in the rebellion o 1798 in the toon. He niver got daein a big lock an wis hung efter a mockery o a trial. The heid yins mair ir less feelt the need tae mak an example o some boadie sae they tuk Gemmel an his freen an hung them frae the clock tower. If ye want tae gae tae see haes grave, ye wull fin it in the owl Anglican graveyard (they hung him forby!) at the junction atween Queen Street and Church Street. If ye ir staunin lukin at it an jook ower tae yer richt, ye wull see the grave o George Bloody Hutchinson wha wis behin the hingin. A writ this objectively an fairly - dinnae pit nae fleurs on Hutchinsons plot!!


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