Thursday, 13 May 2010

Volcanic Advice

We ir still bein towl tae watch oot fur thon volcano wha keeps on boakin oot a rake o stour an sennin it oor tae north Antrim - an ither plaices forby. If ye heppen tae bae visitin oor airt whin it taks aff at a rate agane, here's the sayins ye hae tae lissen oot fur:
1. Whits aa that stueugh comin ower the tap o Knocklayde? (Do I detect foreign matter passing over Knocklayde mountain?)
2. Get a sapplin cloot ready fur its aboot tae get gye mouchty! (Prepare a damp cloth to remove impending dust)
3. Maun dear, A hinnae a gasp! (My, it is difficult to breathe!)
4. Wha's them het staines in mae gairden? (What are those hot rocks in my garden?)
5. Fill thon tub an get unther the waater! (Prepare the bath and get into it!)
6. Mae claes haes cocht! (My clothes are ablaze!)
This haes bin a public service announcement frae the Toon.

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