Wednesday, 12 May 2010

We Love Oor Stanes

If thaurs yin thing wha haes aye stooned fowk frae aa ower the worl, it;s the shape o oor stanes here in north Antrim. A know onie too weel aa the owl jokes aboot rugby players haein funny shaped balls but NAEBOADIE can match oor stanes up here in north Antrim. Fowk come frae aa ower the hale worl tae luk at oor stanes an yins aa seem tae love posin wie them ir even staunin on them. Aye, we're gifted in the stanes department and we're aa gye proud o the grate stanes we hae. Fowk frae ither airts ir jealous o is an wud lake tae tae the stanes aff is but be warned ony o ye wha wud try it - oor stanes ir styin whaur they're at!!

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