Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lyle Cubitt - Yin Scary Lukin Boadie

Lyle Cubitt (AKA Yin Scary lukin boadie). Yins wud tell ye that Lyle haes faa'd oot wie that monie fowk he had nae ither choice but tae staun oan haes ain. His poster mair ir less sed tae me "Vote fur me ir A'll sink the brogue in ye" an that didnae dae it fur me. He's brave an weel aff, they tell me, sae he'll lakely naw mine daein badly an lakely spent the nicht o the elecshun sayin tae iveryboadie, " Sae whit aboot it - luk at Peter Robyson. He'll lakely niver staun agane - an nither wull Cubitt.

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