Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Save Oor Toon An Let Is Aa Enjoy It

Whits the crack aboot oor toon? Poor owl Bellymoney haes bin owershadowed fur far too lang noo an thaur's nae excuse fur it. The A26 shud bae renamed "Jook The Toon By Pass"fur it haes left is mair ir less stranded as yins go atween Coulrain an Bellamena. Even visitors tae the Causey an aa roon the coast manage tae stye weel awa frae oor toon.
It's aa very weel fur the heid yins aboot here tae pit oan the slogan "Enjoy Our Town" but sure if naeboadie comes near it, hoo can they iver enjoy it? As the Ullans speakin capital o north Antrim if naw the hale country, the heid yins wud bae weel advised tae market the hale airt fur whit it is - an Ulster Scots speakin zone. Thaur is the potential tae mak a rake o money frae cultural tourism an its high time they goit thir act thegither. Ir they cud aye dae whit they dae best, af coorse - they cud jest sit oan thir arses an let the hale toon faal apairt. They're owl hans at that!

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