Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Vote Fur A Clown O yer Choice

Af coorse, in the rin up tae the elecshun, near eneuch ivery telegraph powl had a poster oan it wie some hopeful weerin a fool grin lukin doon on is aa. The poster here seemt tae me tae be the best yin o aa sae whin powlin day come aboot A taen doon the poster an tuk it in wie me tae the powlin station' The wee wummin there towlt me A cudnae vote fur this yin but naw tae fret cas there wus a hale list o ither clowns tae pit mae X at. A done lake shae sed but mine ye, A still think this clown wus the best yin o aa. Mebbe nixt time .....

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