Friday, 14 May 2010

Toon Clock

The pictur here shows Bellymoney Toon Clock. Naethin ower special aboot it ye micht think tae yersel but lake sae much oot roon the Toon, thaurs a lock mair tae it nor meets yer een.
As weel as haein a lang an mixed histry, the clock even sometimes gies ye the richt time (weel, noo an agane it daes). The clock an the buildin nixt it wur built awa bak in 1775 bae the 6th Earl o Antrim (a boadie wha wisnae shoart o a wheen o poun). It wus a hale rake o different things ower the years an wus a market hoose, a coort hoose, the Toon Hall, a schuil and even a plaice o worship. In 1798 it wus pit tae gye bad use whin they tuk poor Presbyterian freedom fichters an hung them frae the clock tower. Their boadies wur jest buried whaur they fell an wirnae fun tae wrkers pittin drains in Main Street come on their banes wha wur then tuk tae the Anglican graveyerd an buried - jest a wheen o graves ower frae the cerrian wha hung them - Bloody Hutchinson!! Tae this dae, naeboadie lakes tae bae seen hingin aboot the clock - onie wunner!!

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