Tuesday, 11 May 2010

North Antrim's Election

Ian Paisley Junior (aka Paisley the yung yin). The mair he luks lake a boadie wha haes jest ither stepped aff a motorbike ir someboadie wha haes had haes tay spiked, this is the yin wha represents is ower in that Inglan. Whin the obvious shock o it aa dies doon a bit an he taks tae lukin normal agane, he haes tae tak oan issues lake soartin oot Bellymoney Toon Centre an gettin aa thon empty shaps tore doon an replaced wie a rake o new investment tae bring aboot work an gie the yins o the toon an thereaboots a wheen o poun in their pockits. Whit he can NIVER dae is sell the Causey staines!! They belang tae is an hae tae stye whaur they're at, nae metter hoo hard up we becom!!

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