Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Jim Allyster

Jim Allister: Luk Jim thaurs nae point in ye shakin yer fists an gettin oan at a rate - ye loast an mebbe if this blog had hae bin approached afore the elecshun, we micht hae bin able tae gie ye a haun. Negative campaignin, as the Inglish caa it, is whin a boadie is seen tae dae nae mair nor miscaa the ither yins rinnin. It pits yins aff, even if they dae agree wie it aa. His biggest mistake wus naw takin oan breid an butter issues. Lake, niver did he menshun a tower centre fur Linen Hall Street in the Toon, a new zoo fur Dervock ir a niteclub fur Bendooragh. If he had, he wud lakely hae wun.

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