Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ballymoney: Ulster Scots Capital

Welcome tae Ballymoney - the capital o Ulster Scotch language whir we dae aal oor taakin in Ullans (Ulster Scots). Fur years we hae bin taaked aboot but noo its is wha ir taakin bak! If ye want tae lairn mair aboot oor wye o gan on, dinnae bae behin the dor aboot comin tae the Toon an hearin is rammlin on fur yersel!


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  2. I'm interested in the motto at the top of your home-page: "It's aa aboot the wye we taak an screeve it".

    I was born and brought up in N Antrim, but I have never heard (or seen) the word "screeve" before. Would I be right to assume it means "write"?