Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Naomi Lang fur Prime Minister!

Say whut ye lake aboot Gordie Broon but he wisnae the wurst o them. The biggest bother he had wus takin ower the Labour party frae thon smirkin goat Tony Blair. It wus lake bein left Dunseverick Cassel in a wull an toul it jest needed a bit o wurk daen tae it. Hooinever, the critur sed haes guid byes an taen aff doon Downin Street wie haes wife an weans tae get haes heid shared. The day we ir bein woke tae the news that thon irritatin clem Cameron haes taen ower the tap job sae we hae aa the usual Tory stuff tae luk forrit tae - job cuts, high taxes an the lake. In north Antrim thaur's lakely tae bae a revolt fur a random sample o yins Ranter taaked tae aa thocht Naomi Lang shud get the job. Lake, why naw? It wud get hir awa frae hir Upside Doon heided pairty leader Ford wha comes across as a gansh o a boadie an shae haes tae watch oot fur property fowk an dodgy cafes oot roon that Bilfawst. Och Naomi, fur yer ain guid, awa ye go an pit Cameron oot an get in thonner yersel. If ye think Naomi Lang shud bae Prime Minister, hae yer say an let them yins in that Inglan know!!

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