Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Orange Order: A'm sure maist o ye hae heared o the Orange Order but hoo weel dae ye know the histry o it? Weel, it aa begun yin day whin Dan Winter an a wheen o haes freens wur jest sittin aboot yarnin. Aa o a sudden, there wus a ruction ootside the hoose an whin they aa luked oot it wus the left futters shapin at giein Dan an haes freens a guid lickin. Hooinever, Dan wisnae fur haein it sae him an his yins tooled up an stairted shootin at he left futters who got crabbed an shot bak. Efter a while, the left futters taen aff an Dan an them stairted tae think aboot gettin themsels organised in some wye fur fear it micht heppen agane. Sae they stairted wha we noo caa the Orange Order.
It aa went weel fur a brave while but then the Presbyterians an the Anglicans faa'd oot at the toon Twelfth an a hale thra stairted. The Order split and there wus hanlins fur years. Noo thaurs twa Orders but they get on naw sae bad an even spake tae ither whin they're oot.
Dinnae say ye hinnae bin towl aa aboot the Orange Order - ye heared it here furst!

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